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Thursday, 1 March 2018

Long time since school, the teachers influence remains

Over the last year I've joined the school reunion site on Facebook; a closed group that refers to Southfields School in SW London. It's an academy now too though it appears not to have lost its community feel.
Joining the group have been some of the teachers I studied with (more or less successfully on my part) and one, Gill Goldenberg is now in Uganda for a month teaching English. 
I've added a link to her blog to my own page here or follow this link
It's worth the read to see what conditions are like where Gill is.

The educational experience of so many around the world is so different to that we experienced at Southfields that I'm reminded how fortunate we were to have had the physical and human resources we experienced. I was able to witness what life is like in some township and the contrasting private schools in South Africa in 2015 & 2017. 
All around I believe teachers and support staff make the places work for better or worse and I remain grateful for all the time and energy the likes of Gill, Pat Bedford, and a host of others put into helping me learn and develop. I still think of myself as work in progress and that too is a testament to the importance the teachers I came across gave to continuing learning. 

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