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Evening clouds
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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

First times, Last times

As mornings in the UK get a little cooler, I have noted friends commenting on first days of 'big school' for their offspring while the timelines on Facebook fill with pictures of newborn babies and just brought home kittens.
As I have faced some last times, such as a funeral, finishing holidays or enjoyable projects, they are also first times. They provide an opportunity to reflect and revive; to be savoured and used to reinforce who I am.
Changes, losses and gains occur all the time in our lives and so often we are too busy to recognise them and note the impact they have. I recall a time when your first school photo was ordered with multiple copies for proud family and friends; now these can be shared almost instantly.
I wonder if we have lost a little of the anticipation of seeing what we looked like in our uniform, as a school child or at work?

At the same time we can see images of those near to, or in, death; what impact does that have? I suspect for many that will be the 'first time' death is visible unlike the historical commonplace in the developed world where so many died (and indeed were born) in their own homes. 

I believe we should relish all such times and create meanings and connections through them. Certainly I am immensely grateful for those contacts who have seen fit to help me through the current times; they are busy blurring the lines between first and last times. They see the person at the centre, ready to support with their enthusiasm and ideas.
So by no means for the first time, life is very good; I hope its not the last time.

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