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Evening clouds
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Sunday, 14 September 2014

Connections with times past

In an office or ward are people I've worked with; an obvious statement given the length of my working life so far. What has come to the forefront for me are the connections I have with so many, and the influence I have had.
Two Consultants in Palliative Care I have caught up with recently, I first met as junior doctors. Their remembrance of my practice has stuck positively;  a relief and a vital reminder of how careful one must be each and every day.
This focus came from being asked about the achievement which might be my best. The nurse in me wants to be remembered by those in my care as good at what I do. My initial response though was to say the people who I had helped developed in their career path;  whether going on to train as a nurse or win awards for influencing government policy in their homeland.  It struck me our connections can go a long way and have an influence beyond our own world. We can affect the care of many more than the people we meet directly. So whatever your role in whatever capacity keep in mind how you will be remembered.

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