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Sunday, 10 August 2014

The times ahead...

Sharing Times

I have been reading recent news items and blogs all reated to end of life care; a recent blog update from Dr Kate Granger, @GrangerKate and via ehospice profile pieces. Kate Granger is no stranger to many social media users; her open door policy gives an insight into the kind of dialogue an individual can have with the cancer they have. Out of Kate's experience has come the '#hellomynameis...' campaign, encouraging everyone to introduce themselves as they deliver care. Just yesterday, while having a simple ultrasound the technician and consultant introduced themselves and asked a little about me as we got ready; the gel was nicely warmed too. I felt valued, and that my part of the preparation was appreciated making the procedure easier for all.
Reading a piece about the Buddhist approach to the end of life and death; an interesting refresher, I found myself wondering about the reality of mindfulness and meditation when thrust into the milieu of care provision. How far can our minds takes us to places of such self awareness that pain and discomfort are reduced? It was a salutory lesson; I am reminded that there are many people who have experiences very different to me yet our paths will cross because of a diagnosis and care system.
How we treat each other, and the room we give each other to hold our beliefs is critical to our future relationship and the benefit that sharing of our selves brings.

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