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Monday, 19 May 2014

A man of letters, all about E's and the 7th C

Enthusiasm - our younger cat has a way of launching herself at the world each day as the dawn chorus starts without hesitation and a tangible sense of purpose. How many days do we start like that?
Engagement - on the 12th May #IND2014 I was able to join my Twitter friend Pam Nelmes and the lovely team at Plymouth University School of Nursing and Midwifery to witness the finals of the 4th annual Nursing and Midwifery Challenge. This was a great day seeing how nurses and midwives of the future can engage through their learning and experiences on placements to create innovations. It was motivating to see; a positive sign for the future, and I strongly advise you to to keep a look out for the winning idea

Enterprising - All this is of course very enterprising; I know our hospice team enjoy the challenge of finding person-centred ways to deliver care to those in our hospice. The team thrive on discovering ways to raise and save money to support our work. Their enterprising nature is taking our service forward.
Employment - this is more personal; as I write the organisational  announcement is expected regarding the outcome of the reorganisation process going on at my level that began in late March 2014. I and my peers have had our current posts 'deleted' (technological language providing cover for harsher words - a whole other subject?) and an interview process for the new posts has taken place.
I have been unsuccessful. 
I know now, for the first time in my experience,  that redundancy is a realistic proposition. 
I readily acknowledge that I am not unique in this; I am not complaining, merely letting you know. I would like to make plain my thanks to all those who have offered words of support and commiseration. My peers in the same situation as me and the hospice leaders I met at the end of last week have been very kind; my family have stepped up too with their messages.
The Challenge is to keep going; there's no immediate threat to my income as there is plenty to get done. I suggest though that for me Challenge is the 7th C (see the 6Cs here). It is almost unnecessary to say its a time of opportunity too.
As so often happens though timing is all. I have joined the discussion on compassion and resilience stimulated through the blog by Maxine Craig. Then along came a blog by Laura Green, about the nature of resilience, and in particular its dynamic state, within the setting of end of life and palliative care. All in all very helpful and enabling me to keep my head. 
So now I face new opportunities; I'll need my enthusiasm; I must find ways of sustaining my engagement and use enterprise to identify what next in terms of employment.  I think that's enough challenges for this Monday morning.

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