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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

A terrible thing to have to write...

In the last 24 hours a couple of  social media interactions have linked together to cause me to write. One is ongoing and concerns the care of a dying person; having worked in Hospice and palliative care  for a couple of decades I can claim to know something about this. Added to this is my experience of end of life care that started on my first ward as a student nurse, that was even longer ago.    Follow @nursemaiden on Twitter to see the story unfold, in real time.
The other link was made this morning as I read @RoyLilley and his blog piece of today, see It's all going horribly wrong

As a service provider I am dealing with several commissioners, except there don't seem to be any out there. There are well intentioned folk in positions that have no decision making power; there is no-one in place in their organisation who can negotiate or decide what to do about the current financial year let alone the next one. In the meantime services go on being poor inequitable and not joined up. Commissioning is getting a bad name through this; as Roy Lilley points out the layers of interference and in my view obfuscation are causing serious problems;  in particular I find in creating change on the ground. 

We are not seeing a new dawn of person focused services - despite the efforts of providers to work that way; we are seeing a shuffle of the layers of control - a shuffle in inexpert hands that will be a whole lot messier than 52 card pick up. It is leading to a dying of the light in which the rules and regulations over reporting and numbers will lead decisions on the provision of care. I'm not convinced that concerns about the money (spending or saving) are behind the decisions; only being in a place where having control counts.

All around us though the dying, frail and vulnerable of all ages are only being supported by dedicated on the ground staffs day by day. Often they are kept from doing the right thing by the 'rulers' or vacuum and this is leading to provision of poor, less than best services and no sign that things will improve soon. That is a terrible thing thing to have to write in 2012.

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