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Friday, 26 October 2012

Saying more about My mental self

Dear Reader,
It's time to be sharing; three items have caught my eye in the last 48 hours, that have persuaded me to take the plunge just now. Before detailing recent events I have to look back as far as teenage years. At that time I did have some depression, and had medication for a while; probably just growing up. However depression needing treatment has returned at times and I've needed medication albeit a few years ago. I make no claims to be an expert on depression; I just have my experience of it, and of seeing it in some others around me.
I would describe myself as relatively outgoing, though more accurately more I'm introverted than some who know me might think. Alongside that personal portrait is my role as a healthcare professional. I'm aware that by writing this and publishing via social media I'm also bringing this to the attention of some whom I work with as well as other social media contacts. 
This exposures feels risky; what would potential employers think, but why not speak up?
I enjoyed a Twitter chat on 25/10/12 via @WeNurses  - see also WeNurses about the recent Nursing vision The Culture of Compassionate Care or 6cs for short. Courage is a theme so using that I am taking action. 

To some I will be a stranger; I cannot offer much insight to the kind of depressions that are so debilitating; even though getting out of bed some days is very difficult. It also colours how I view the world and my relationships and ability to interact at times. In all the areas of my life I am fortunate to have the support and care I need. Usually my worst days are those when I am the problem. I am conscious this makes me variable and perhaps seem unreliable. I can be stuck about some actions even though others come quite easily.

As Twitter has opened up possibilities of communicating and sharing information I can find out more about others experiences of depression. I have also come across The Recovery Letters, and liked the notion of writing letters; a simple form of engagement and sharing intended to be helpful. I know I found it useful. This morning my Twitter feed contained a reference to The importance of being engaging a blog piece written by a nurse, challenging other nurses and healthcare organisations to engage more in social media. The combination of both made me realize I could interact and engage though not without making me wonder how this makes me sound as I write; it is a little frightening to contemplate. This may be little help to others, and I am not sure how therapeutic it will be for me. Saying this out loud about the mental me does give the sense I am at least being open and it would seem to be a positive step in acknowledging where I've been and how to look forward.
Thank you for getting to the end, I hope it has shed a little more light on me, who I am, and maybe helps you have courage in whatever you face today. 

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