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Evening clouds
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Friday, 3 August 2012

It's been a while

I have been wondering just how long it was since I last wrote anything here. It's almost 6 months to the day. Just how and why is that?
I do write regularly for our 'in-house' (hospice) newsletter and though it can be time pressured I'm still able to do it, and normally make the deadline. There is lots of other writing of one kind or another at work.
Why should my blog take a back seat? Is tiredness really an excuse? If it's personal shouldn't it wait until I can do it in my own time - then there are own time pressures, brought on by all things that life can throw at you.
Despite that being a convenient excuse for me, I find those who face greater pressures and challenges then me regularly coming up with blog posts. 
So perhaps if there is no other excuse I should get back into the rhythm of writing and speaking up. 
There's been lots to think about of late; stories of poor nursing, healthcare troubles and financial woes.
Then we see good things trying to come through, supporting one another whether individuals finding new ways of contact through Twitter, using blogs and pictorial media to convey what they are going through. Web based chats - about nursing issues for example - see @WeNurChat  or @britainsnurses who are trying to bring the good news of nursing to the forefront.
The there is the London 2012 Olympics - ongoing as I write; my earlier cynicism has dissipated into admiration for the effort and excitement that is being created.  
There you go, just a few random thoughts and I've filled a post; it's not so difficult and I'll try to not  to leave so long next time.

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