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Evening clouds
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Thursday, 3 May 2018

The little big things

As I've begun my new role as a lead Nurse  for Palliative and end of life care I've been reflecting on a whole host of things and it's only week two.
The last couple of days have though reignited the importance of the little things we can do when we meet patients.
• opening a bottle of beer courtesy of a passing physiotherapist and his key ring and witnessing the enjoyment of the person who was waiting thirstily
• admiring the sand dollar earrings of an older woman that led to a chat about the USA
• Witnessing the team effort that led to a quietly dignified wedding this afternoon, organized this morning that took place in the room in the photo - everyone lending a hand for an event that always leaves me with moist eyes.
Some were efforts were smaller than others; for me the key is to recognise any opportunity to take action in some way. That way is positively helpful to others as well as being satisfying for me at the end of the day even though it was difficult to turn down the offer of a beer.

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