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Friday, 2 September 2016

Ten years on

Reflections on a learning experience 
I know I tend to hoard what I'd call resources to do with work, be it books, papers, certificates and bits of card. "It'll all be useful one day" is my internal mantra. I've been cutting down on books by allowing them to be more widely available at work; that in itself has been liberating as in recent times I've gone back to more 'hands on' hard copy reading.

Whilst preparing this week for a session on resilience I went to my cupboard and found amongst other things the workbook from the excellent St Christopher's multi professional week I attended in May 2006. I recall thinking the whole experience had been exciting and stimulating. Do they still do it? Yes, see http://www.stchristophers.org.uk/education/diary and one is coming up soon.
The attendees came from across the world and we were truly multi professional, adding further texture to the week.

The opportunity to learn from David Oliviere, Malcolm Payne, Nigel Sykes, Barbara Monroe, Nigel Hartley, Avril Jackson, amongst other talented colleagues was so invigorating.
I still remember much of what was said and done; from giving instructions on making tea, digital pebbles, spirituality, teamwork and with role play thrown in the international participants were challenged to think, act and learn.

So what's brought this all about? I'm still teaching on occasion so a dive into the resources led to me think about the workbook. I was sure there were pearls of wisdom to find and was right (on managing stress and teamwork). So ten years later I can hold the pages and how that itself has changed. Hospice UK can put entire conference abstracts, posters and videos on line - an example of the revolution in the way we communicate and produce materials. I wonder what those who will attend my session will recall of the session next week, and in 10 years time. How will they access our presentation, will a virtual channel have the same physical and intellectual resonance as my purple covered booklet? 

Maybe the physical presence of thoughts, ideas and reflections last longer in the memory? I need an educationalist to confirm that; may be though that the way that week was organised and led has left this influential mark. It's a  been a powerful experience revisiting these materials; reflection and development distilling an enervating week in one afternoon.

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