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Evening clouds
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Sunday, 10 January 2016

Perspiration, inspiration, and poetry

Once again I find myself drawn to other sources of inspiration; social media has provided the contact method, using it has been key. That's what's led to the perspiration on my part, modest though that has been.
Dr Kate Granger with her husband Chris Pointon have through their sharing of Kate's experience of advancing cancer been a source of admiration and great ideas; the ultimate being "#hello my name is..." and I was amongst the audience on the last of the roadshows they did last year spreading the word. Out of that alongside my efforts to be more creative, came a poem about Kate and the "#hello my name is..." project. I am convinced more of us should make time for exploring other avenues of expression and outlets for thoughts. Blogs themselves can be a way to say what we're thinking; as I get older I'm keener to explore creative avenues that were not so well developed when I was at school though that is a whole different story. 
Instead I'd like to leave you with the poem I wrote after meeting Kate and Chris last year. Kate has seen the poem and this was the perspiring moment for me; I know now Kate is okay with what I've written. Not only do I want to share my thoughts through this poem, I hope it may inspire readers to explore other routes of expression for themselves.

Kate’s vision – “#hello my name is …” or The Wakefield Wonder

Standing strong
Staring life in the face,
 going only half the distance
Ambition defying the gravity pull of death.

Beyond the expectations of the 
Her medical skills are for others, yet
So needing others now.

Hello my name is – makes us
smile though that’s not
the whole intent.

Touch and calm,
Pace is mine, and your focus
on the person.

With Messiah like drive you push
onwards, touching lives
touching, us, 
Giving the lie to dying
for living still
You make your mark.

An imprint of a modern making,
a Twitter born legacy
that Must leave us 
better people.

Philip Ball, 
24/06/15 2205 hours

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