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Thursday, 12 January 2012

Rethinking Implementation

This morning I had the opportunity to hear Dr Brian Smith http://www.pragmedic.com/ speak about the difficulties we face when implementing strategies, the big ideas organisations go for to take the business forward. The research Brian has been doing is leading to new thinking about why  implementation of strategies can fail.
The view is that a number of influences pay there part, not least the individual, group, organisational allegiances and alliances that exist.

It has made me rethink my approach to implementing our business ideas, as we strive to move forward in the challenging UK healthcare market.
I will be seeking to increase our skills at decision making and exercising discretion in planning.
We  be clear about who/what it is we are going after and what we are going to do to/for them.
There are some antecedents to over come, and individual commitment to test.
So long as our strategy is clear we are more likely to get there using a different approach than the usual one organisations use.
Time for implementing the re-think. Time for effective strategic achievement.

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