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Saturday, 31 December 2011

Changing years - what's the fuss?

Well, like many others I guess, I thought it necessary to say a few words about the move from 2011 to 2012. Apart from the usual difficulties of making sure dates on documents are right etc is this really a significant time? As the years go by I'm not so sure we should make so much fuss about the New Year.
Our survival given reasonable caution and few close shaves from one year to the next is much more likely than 100 or even just 50 years ago. Is it having the chance to reflect brought about by winter that does it? Is it really important to our well being that we celebrate the change in date? After all time moves on usually without comment (apart from birthdays) yet still there is an appetite for a celelbration between one year and the next.
Does all this bonhomie make those who may be alone feel isolated? These days many more work through the bank holiday as others spend time celebrating.
Maybe I'm getting a bit old and mean - but not much is changed by the celebrations and much of import will go on without being touched by this partying.
The best thing about this time of year though is the time spent on reflection - not just recounting events.
The critical analysis of what we have done and clarifying what we could learn and improve on will help bring about the changes in ourselves and our systems we desire (i.e. the political and particularly in heathcare). Doing that will make the coming months most interesting, and times to look forward to.
So, I've got that off my chest; I hope all who read this may just take at least a minute to think about one thing they could have done differently in the last 12 months, that would make a difference now and see if it's not too late to start a change.
Have a healthful 2012.

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