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Saturday, 13 January 2018

Learning through Social media

I’m participating in the #AllOurHealth course set up via Public Health England (PHE) and WeCommunities through @WeLearn_.  I decided to join Wave 1 which concentrates on the introduction to Twitter and other social media and its uses in Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for healthcare professionals. Having some experience of Twitter use for a few years I wondered if I was going to find the first level uninformative. In the meanwhile I’ve moved from my hospice role with a view to changing to alternative activity and am preparing to revalidate via the NMC. CPD is therefore uppermost on my mind. 
I’ve been finding the course really helpful; it’s prompted me to rethink my attitude towards the usefulness of social media and Twitter in particular.b In my course reflections I’ve been recording how I need to be rather more disciplined and focused about using Twitter for CPD. I’ve set myself some professional goals using the tools on the #WeCommunities website as well as personal goals that I’ll have to work on myself. 
Meanwhile the #AllOurHealth participants, waves 1 and 2 start on Monday by looking at social media use in promoting good health and the prevent of illness. Lots of great resources have been developed for us to use, and indeed many are already publicly available via Viv Bennett in her blog piece about the AllOurHealth program.
And if you’re wondering about the value of social media and online training for CPD, please give them serious consideration; my experience so far has been a positive revelation, thanks to all those involved in putting the course together. 

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