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Monday, 25 September 2017

Rabbits, rodents and running

Pounding the local footpath this morning I was reflecting on my career and what I'm up to now. In part this was started by Anne Cooper's blog on moving away from the bedside to other roles, though still being part of the nursing community. Her description of the comments Anne got when taking those steps echoed some of my experience though being a different gender I suspect moving to where I am now fulfilled expected stereotypes; even so when at the bedside I was often asked why I was not a doctor as if I was being wasted as a nurse.
Time has moved on though there are now calls for more men to join nursing; I hope they do and are able to enjoy the range of experiences and opportunities that nursing presents.
What else was going through my head on my run? Having managed in hospices I recalled a recent conversation about what I'd been responsible for that seemed very tangential to patient care. That's where reducing invading rabbits from a Grade 2 listed garden and dealing with rodents who're trying to invade the rubbish bins comes in. Meeting pest controllers and ferrets all part of the tapestry of my professional journey.
The running has become a larger part of my life now; alongside that is a recognition that I'm fortunate to have been paid during my Nurse training and supported by employers to gain a first and Masters degrees along the way. 
And in the here and now of 2017 we see more evidence of the financial difficulties many face, particularly in roles such as nursing. In October 2017, being the 10th month, many nurses supported by others are raising money to help the Cavell Nurses Trust; they support nurses who have money troubles. 
For me, I'm a bit too late to get to 10k running for October, though the app I'm using tells me I'm over halfway to 5k as a run. So I'll be helping consume some of the 10k calories at a cake fest/feast then joining the inspired 10k walk around Birmingham’s canals at the end of the month. Whatever your experience of nursing, whether as part of the profession or as someone who has received nursing care I hope you'll sponsor one of us in our #10kForNurses endeavours; you can sponsor me via my JustGiving page for the canal walk, thank you.

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