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Monday, 13 March 2017

Challenges for the personal and professional

At the end of February this year my dear friend in nursing @agencynurse Teresa Chinn wrote a blog piece about the WeGetogether2016 event, held on the 29th Feb 2016. As ever Teresa gave a thoughtful account of what happened, the build up to it and considered the consequences. One one aspect Tree asked about was "what happened?" Her response was 'nothing' and that concerned me; so I want to challenge that - gently of course. In one way I guess Tree is right - no great single change or movement emerged that sparked a revolution. 
I began to wonder however if I had missed something because I believe there were myriad outcomes, albeit small ones.

I had traveled to Salford where the University Nursing School hosted us, full of hope and expectation; not to mention carrying banners and freebies including home made cookies. 
When I look back on #WGT16 I think of the developing relationships that were bolstered by meeting in person; the thinking and sharing we were encouraged to do. From my perspective it led to a wider range of contacts and networking that influences me today. So let's remember what we experienced at #WGT16 and think of where we are now. Yes times seem to have become ever more challenging in terms of politics, the economy and the Care sector (I like to think across the health and social fault line). That has not stopped people continuing to challenge both personally and professionally. 

And then Teresa has set me thinking again about challenges; this time in her latest blog about professional challenges.  I've found nothing to argue with here; safety and safeguarding are key nursing responsibilities for nurses. It is the anticipated response of others that can block coming forward; I believe that as a senior leader and a manager I have a duty to set an example as a listener and in responding positively when concerns are raised. Likewise I have to be ready to face personal challenges and accept that I have got things wrong. Developing as a leader is about learning about oneself as much as getting to know those around us and that can be a much bigger challenge. 

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