Evening clouds

Evening clouds
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Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Sources of inspiration - being open to surprises

I've been meaning to up my blog output but found all sorts of reasons to put it off. Not having a grand theme, properly referenced were a couple of the excuses. 

I noted my friend @agencynurse aka Teresa Chinn had posted today about the very problem of keeping up your blog output. This in turn had been prompted by Kerry Pace aka @DiverseLearners challenging us to try something different today. What Teresa did for me is remind me that blogging is much more about some of the "guts" stuff rather than anything else. So this old dog was reminded that this new trick is not too technical and just needs more practice. You have been warned! That was surprise one today.

The second pleasant surprise today came towards the end of a meeting I had with a team manager. In a lightbulb moment we discovered that we need to challenge some behaviours and attitudes towards team working. The value of taking a modest amount of time to think and share openly led to this opportunity. We could see how some meetings have organisational convenience rather than putting the patient at the centre. So, time for a (little) surprise for our teams as we reorientate, and time I did a little more blogging.

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