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Saturday, 12 September 2015

Being a person-centred pin-up! Using my one page profile or #1PP

Going back to November 2014 I wrote about work, cancer and the power of support from friends who know me. It's about time I said more about recent events, including becoming a pin-up!
Before that, what about the cancer business? Well, further recent extensive biopsies are still negative; the relative trauma of the MRI felt easier. We watch and wait, keep taking the tablets.

What about work? I've had a fantastic time in the Quality team at Sue Ryder learning more, and being part of a diverse team whose complimentary skills and friendships have been invaluable. I was keen however to get back to a hospice based post, as that has always felt my true professional home. In the meantime I have kept up my interest in being person-centred, including updating my one page profile. You can find out more about the 1PP here via Helen Sanderson Associates.

Having been recently appointed Director of Patient Care at St Clare Hospice, Essex, I took copies of my #1PP on a pre-start visit and handed them out. The 1PP was greeted warmly and a volunteer happily demonstrated having read it by referencing my love of dark chocolate when we finally met. Towards the end of that visit a new colleague brought me a handwritten version of their 1PP that they had put together during the day. They were keen for me to know how best to support them and to know what is important to them. Of course I had to say they needed to find out what people appreciate about them too. Nonetheless I was pleased at the impact being so open was having.

As I write I have finished week one in the new role; checking with those I've met for the first time, they tell me they have all seen and read my 1PP. Being in a new workplace brings its own challenges such as finding your way about and who is in which office. One place I quickly found was the upstairs kitchen/copier room, where I can make drinks and pick up printing. It's been a good place to greet people too. It was only yesterday, day 5, that as I looked about the room in more detail that I realised a copy of my 1PP was pinned to the notice board! I was thrilled that a new colleague had taken the initiative; getting more 1PPs into place is the next task. Continuing the theme I have made sure I have made and delivered hand written thank you notes to those who have given me their time this week; on Monday morning I'll be taking the opportunity to use a person-centred approach to an important meeting.
Being a person-centred pin-up though was not quite what I expected, though I think it says much for the warmth of my welcome, and the energetic spirit of St Clare Hospice that it's become a reality.

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