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Thursday, 20 November 2014

Waiting times and times of waiting

This posting has been under consideration for a while. Those who know me well will know I've been looking for a new role since the redundancy word entered my life. After a varied experience regarding the employment search I am the proud possessor of a job; a quality manager with Sue Ryder only in week two as I post this. The best thing about this situation has been the reaction of my friends near and far, some of whom I've not met in person. Networking gets its detractors; without my contacts I would have found keeping positive very difficult. I've been offered opportunities to develop, to increase my exposure in social media, and generally keep busy. I count myself very fortunate to have been supported so well; thankful for all the messages long and short that have come my way, making the waiting so much easier.

There has also been another set of waiting in recent times. I'm getting older and now well onto my fifties I had to get my prostate checked as I was losing too much sleep. A rising PSA blood test resulted in a two week wait referral. The MRI scan was done promptly and the biopsy eventually took place once my blood pressure was controlled.
Today I know my biopsy results were negative, the MRI ambivalent. So its a watching brief at a sensible pace. My very nearest and dearest have known about this; sharing more widely involved waiting so I could be definite about where I'm at. Why not say anything before? False hopes and false alarms are corrosive to the spirits; in addition there has been just a little embarrassment too. I hope that being upfront now will show why life had been a little harder though not as bad as many others. I'm enjoying the inner celebration, tempered by the knowledge that were the news today different for me I have the most marvellous people who would support me, whether we've met or not. That's a real positive and worth waiting to write about.

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