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Friday, 11 October 2013

Awards, Rewards, Passion and Commitment

Last night was awards night, the EHI Awards 2013, @EHIAwards that took place at The Roundhouse, London. I started writing this post on the train on the way there.
 My hopes to be there on time - I'm not a great arriving late person - are dashed. It's world mental health day and there's been a suicide on the main railway line I use to London. 
I know from following railway issues the train operators are working hard with the Samaritans and others to see what can be done; increasing physical barriers as well as training for railway staff to help identify people at stations who may be suicidal.
Suicides on the railway seem more frequent of late; its just my impression, and I hope the current efforts to reduce them are successful.

I want to turn to happier matters; I'm supporting @wenurses at the ceremony having won a ticket in their competition. As I sit on the train I take out my note book - its paper, lined and blank sheets, and doesn't have a battery life! I come across a sticky note that refers to passion and commitment - to being better. 
For me #Wenurses has typified these values; I know because via Twitter it has influenced me, rekindling my passion for nursing with a commitment to leading well.

Whether or not Teresa and Nick Chinn win tonight (and I can confirm in the clear light of dawn they didn't) I don't think they will mind. With 1000's of followers and huge impact via Twitter and facebook their passion and commitment can only be admired and praised. @Wenurses deserves to be recognised for the achievements so far - that's why they're at the awards, and followed closely for what is to come.
Thank you Teresa and Nick and all the #nursingcommunity at #wenurses lets keep the passion and commitment going; there's more to do and many more nurses to engage with.

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