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Sunday, 18 September 2011

My Family, the CQC and other animals

With apologies to Gerald Durrell for the title; it's been a long week and a blog feels well overdue.
First the Care Quality Commission (CQC); they regulate most of health and social care in England so I approached them in a professional capacity regarding a question about a possible new building. The Inspector didn't have any advice to give me - it's out of their experience so I'm told I should speak to the Registration team - there's no-one to talk to directly when I tried via the call centre; when the operator finally got through themselves to the Registration department they came back to tell me I should speak to my Inspector - a Kafka-esque situation - I'm not sure what the operator told the Regsitration department. We'll have to write to them and see how far we get - though I'm sure other people must have built new in recent times?

The family - we're all in one piece despite the car crash this afternoon when no. 2 son wrote off my old Honda; fortunately no-one seriously hurt though we now face all the disruption and expense that is involved. The emergency teams were brilliant; the police team very calm and helpful. We now wait to see how well the Insurance company does.

The theme I have in mind is that of organisations' responsibilities and responses; we do emergency care so well here and the response of the teams on the ground were efficient and willing to go a bit further than they could have done.
The CQC is a behemoth with little presonality and little abilitty to help on the ground; it leaves me wondering abut how much help they could be to a lay person looking to them for help. In addition the CQC would appear to have Inspectors who do not have a sufficient range of expertise - so how can we trust the processes of inspection and consideration of services? Rigour and expertise are required for professionals to value the CQC judgement; it would help us and their political masters to have confidence in them.

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