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Thursday, 16 June 2011

Different names, Same reality

Call it what we like work is work and the same behaviours cross our path; those with ideas and a willingness to experiment; those who fail to see that they are struggling; the sit and back see folk who contribute only silence and odd looks; those in a hurry and those who get by through asking the right question or raising a pertinent point, and saying no more.

I think anyone in UK health care will recognise a meeting I've been to today. All the above was there. This one happened to be at a PCT - while trying to adapt to the changes in the NHS swirling about them they are making an effort to find cost savings and improve the quality of service on offer to the people they're responsible for.

It's a quarterly meeting with a project overview role; there was an agenda set and sent out in good time; the reporting was long winded and difficult to follow as we had to ask for clarification of points. Only one reporter had made an effort to prepare - even then it was done by picking through a pile of papers others had sent in.
Progress is difficult to measure and actions hard to pin down.

Will this deliver the proposed changes and cost savings? I remain sceptical. Until the reality of performance in meetings, and the general performance of people in key posts is challenged I fear for the future. The reality is likely to end unsatisfactorily for all involved and only lead to calls for more change. Lets give time and energy to investment in people and their performance - get everyone speaking; get people competent to Chair meetings in place; have people understand the responsibility of preparing for meetings, and making an effort to participate.
No matter what the organisation commissioning health care in the future may be called, be it a senate, consortia, cluster or cynical (sorry - clinical) commissioning group, the reality is more of the same.
And that is a worrying thought.

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