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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Storm in a tea cup? Nurses told to buy their own milk at Barts | News | Nursing Times

Nurses told to buy their own milk at Barts News Nursing Times
It would seem a petty restriction, but timing and communication in management is everything. If the Trust responsible for Barts hospital was serious about saving money they'd have done this a while back - see how many comments on the Nursing Times web page show how this has been implemented elsewhere. To do it now at a time when everything at home is getting more expensive shows a lack of sensitivity and dubious PR practice. Has anyone seriously broken down the costs; looked at the cost benefit ratios?
Staff will feel 'demoralised' - when faced with pressures in the workplace the important things for managers to do is keep up the morale of your team. The apparent 'little thing' that contributes to the whole cost saving is just one perspective; to the tired thirsty worker who needs a quick break, or at least a chance to take care of themselves even if only slowing down a minute, it can be the difference between a day of hard work that went well for those in their care, and a day where it all went 'pear shaped' - and harm was done. One day some harm may be done - next day - it gets worse and so on.
On a day when I have a significant loved one having surgery I want fresh keen and well motivated staff looking after them.
Let's get messages straight and clear but have some flexibility too; set up schemes that are fair if everyone has to contribute; make an effort to look at the impact and explain alternatives. Blanket bans are always perceived as negative - and humans tend not to like the negative and will look for ways round such bans.
So managers have to be creative - of course that requires a well motivated and creative management team who are happy and secure in their workplace... in the NHS in England that is so often not what we have just now.
Meanwhile I suggest the nurses at Barts take a deep breath - see the change as an opportunity to negotiate but also to consider what any campaign to reverse the ban will look to those around them. It may be a fight not worth taking on; energies may be needed for bigger battles when jobs - despite lower milk bills are being cut.

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