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Evening clouds
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Tuesday, 1 February 2011

The price of talent

Reflecting on the responses in the media last night and this morning to football transfer fever and the sums of money being exchanged, made me reflect on the usefulness of one pricey footballer compared to what could be done with the money in end of life care in the UK.
It all seems so invidious and basically unfair on those who are concerned about their support and care when faced with demands that the NHS and Social services struggle to meet.

Victims of market forces? You bet. Beneficiaries of of a society that values individuals and ensures everyone is fairly treated - oh no. One aspect of how government's treat the populace at large equally, is the contempt they seems to hold us in.

We are being less governed in the UK than managed - left to make decisions politicians seem keen not to make themselves. Witness the consultations about everything, at local level particularly - it gives the politicians the perfect get out clause - "the people decided - it was not me" - when they were put in power to take difficult decisions. May be it is time to take to the streets and demand politicians take responsibility for sustaining that which the populace value - be it good health care, a nice walk in the woods, some cultural variety and opportunities to learn and develop as people - not be kept at arms length because we don't fit the governing party's picture of what a deserving citizen should be.
That feels better, time for lunch.

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