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Thursday, 10 February 2011

Fundraising in health care

I've worked in hospices for a while now; they rely heavily on fundraising to keep going, and in these days with a damaged economy they need to work even harder. Government money directed through the NHS is reducing so public efforts at fundraising have to make up the shortfall. It could be argued that hospices in the UK have led perhaps indirectly to the development of fundraising as a profession in it's own right.
But why am I writing about this as nurse and service manager?

As a manager I have to have a relationship with fundraising; it is key for us to acknowledge the symbiosis. We each have mutual roles - I ma part fundraiser, as the fundraiser is part helath care wroker. I must play my part - as a participant in events - this may be high profile speaking and networking wiht potential and actual dononrs. It may be simply as a support in allowing an event to take place. The key is to communincate our visions and goals, and make sure there is mutual understanding so we are successful.

As a nurse engaged in care giving the situation can appear to be more complex. Care giving itself can constitute an act of fundraising; a gentle conversation about the financial underpinnings of a service can also be regarded as fundraising. Putting a price on each head, by asking each staff member to raise a particular sum, can though be a pressure. Expectations can be raised, and staff will hear they have to do something - we hear a lot of this.

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