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Evening clouds
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Sunday, 20 February 2011

Being conned - or who is doing what?

It all started on Thursday with the arrival in the post of a pleasing looking pink dress shirt. It looked very fashionable and I thought my wife was surprising me with this gift.
Unfortunately it was not ordered by Megan, though I wish it had been. I decided I needed to think and investigate - though I was asked about any secret admirers who may be behind this. I know of none, and so waited. As it happened I was having a day at home off work and the phone went around midday. It was my CC company - checking to see if I had just placed a bet in Malta.

Malta is a nice place and has happy memories for us; and some amusing family stories from the previous generations. Sadly I was not basking in it's sunny warmth - I was at home. The cc fella told me that there had been some strange transactions in the last couple of days and the bet had triggered the call; the shirt was a product of crime. I have the cc on  me and it's been some time since I used it so not sure how the number was obtained - but someone was having a laugh at my expense - though the cc company have said they will take the odd transactions off the card.
It's very unsettling - to one who tries in this day and age to be careful about websites and so on. Who is in charge - is there another con being perpetrated in my name? What else may be done using my name?
Hold on... who is writing this...?

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