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Evening clouds
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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

A day when nothing starts right

An important day at the work face - potential developmental work being presented as a way forward for the organisation and I know my Director wants our unit to take the lead as examplar.
So, with my two main line reports away from work today, I find the room not properly set up, coffee delayed and a feeling there are many more people present than I expected.
Fortunately the chef and and his helper rise to the challenge and coffee, tea etc appear and they provide just the right amount of food and juice for lunch.
In the midst of this my team interrupt me to tell me the drains are blocked and they need a purchase order number for the plumber before they'll come out. It's break time so I provide this.

My Director, who organised the meeting is suitably apologetic about the way the day was organised but I know we have some learning to do at my unit about back up plans.
The day has ended now and everyone says they think the day went well and the facilitators did an excellent job.
We'll move on but I can do without a start like the one I had. My standards for this kind of thing were under attack; I didn't like it at all, and I should perhaps have been more relaxed about it.
It felt unnecessary though, and avoiding this kind of thing again is important to me.

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