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Friday, 21 January 2011

Blogging as therapy - do bloggers sleep better?

I'm quite new to the world of blog writing; I had wondered what to write for the next contribution for a few days. I'm not sure if it is a coincidence but I've found myself involuntarily going through lots of memories over the last few nights, disturbing my sleep.
Is this because I've had a type of writer's block? Is it because I've been particularly busy at work with the amount of creative thinking required recently? Is it a feature of my age or some other cause; sleep disturbance is know to be a feature of depression yet I would not describe myself as depressed just now.
This led me to the thought that blogging may be helpful to some at least in a therapeutic way; that is one can express thoughts and ideas in a way that is beneficial to one's well being - be it mental, physical, spiritual and so on.
Of course this poses all sorts of questions about measurement of effect; are there any psychologists put there with insight to this?
I realise too I may not be having an original thought here - I may not have looked hard enough around me for evidence or discussion that has gone on before; that should be put down to my inexperience.
So how do I respond to having written something? Has it been helpful - a positive experience?
I certainly felt better (positive, able to start, confident) having identified a title and question to ask; an idea to express. It's one way of blogging and may be the best value for me, but I recognise too that it doesn't make it valid for everyone either.

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